C Language Training Institute in vizag

C Language Training Institute in vizag

Manne Technologies offers real-time and placement focused C Language Training in Vizag. Many have tried to develop a language that we humans can understand and the computers also can understand and perform the instructions. But the most successful is Dennis Ritchie who invented the high level programming language called C.

  • Worldwide C is the most popular language.
  • Everything from micro controllers to operating systems is C since it’s very flexible and versatile, allowing maximum control with minimal commands.
  • C is the basic language of all advanced computer languages. Once you master C programming, you can easily learn another specified language.

C Language Course Content

C Language :

  • Introduction to programming
    • Features of C History
    • Structure of C Program
    • Keyword, Identifiers & Constants
  • Concepts of variables and constants.
  • Concepts of data types.
    • Primitive Data Types
    • Aggregated Data Types
  • Operators in C.
    • Binary Operators
    • Unary Operators
    • Ternary Operators
    • Special Operators
    • Order of Evaluation
  • Creating expressions using operators in C.
  • How to take input from the user and store them into the system
  • How to give output of the solutions arrived at.
  • Decision making â�� if constructs.
    • Simple if
    • if..else
    • Nested if
    • if..else ladder
    • Goto Statement
    • Break and Continue Statement
    • Switch..Case statement
  • Looping
    • Do..While
    • While
    • For
    • Nested loop Statements
  • Arrays
    • Introduction to arrays
    • Need for Arrays
    • Types of arrays
    • One Dimensional Arrays
    • Two Dimensional Arrays
    • Multi Dimensional Arrays
  • String manipulation
    • Declaring String
    • Initializing String
    • String Functions
    • String Formatted Specifiers
    • Multiple Strings
  • Functions and their types.
    • Interdiction to Functions
    • Need for Functions
    • Classification of Functions
    • Function Prototype
    • Defining Function
    • Calling Function
    • Function with Arrays
    • Function with Strings
    • Recursive Functions
  • Structures and unions.
    • Introduction to structures
    • Declaring a Structure
    • Introduction to Structures
    • Structures with Arrays
    • Structures with Function
    • Nested Structures
    • Introduction to Union
    • Declaring Union
    • Difference between Structures and Unions
    • Enumerations
    • Typedef
  • Pointers
  • File management
  • Dynamic memory allocation
  • Linked lists.


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